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Carmin Karasic - About the artist
Shirley, Massachusetts, USA, 1954

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One November morning in 1994 Carmin Karasic had been listening to digital artists on NPR, and when she realized she was a digital artist trapped in a Fidelity application development manager's body. This simple realization changed her life. So she traded the glory of Corporate America high tech management for the personal satisfaction of creating digital art.

Carmin is a software engineer and digital artist focused on Internet Art. She has 19 years experience in information systems application development and in software development. In 1995 she began studying digital art at Mass College of Art. During the autumn of 1996 she was the Resident Artist for the DoWhile Studio, in Boston. During her residency, she explored many technical areas and learned to appreciate the artist’s responsibility to the community. In 1997 she started her company, Pixelyze, which specializes in web development and digital art.

Currently, she is the Director of HyperArtSpace, Boston Cyberart Festival’s online gallery, http://bostoncyberarts.org/ During the Boston Cyberarts festival she has had a number of interviews and speaking engagements, and has or will be exhibiting in group shows at the Attleboro Museum, The Bromfield Gallery, the Decordova Museum, and the Computer Museum.

She regularly collaborates with other Internet artists. She has exhibited at MIT’s List Visual Arts Center, and at the Harriet Tubman House Gallery in Boston. She also performs in collaborative online venues, including New York city's fakeshop and Austria's ARS Intertwindness. Her work is currently online in the Bath, UK based PROCESS Art-in-Progress virtual gallery, http://www.artuk.co.uk/assoc/waa.htm, featured in the US e-zine, Moondance, http://www.moondance.org/, US based artist’s collective THE sPACE, http://www.thespace.org/, and in the SWARM collaboration for Austria's ARS Electronica Infowar.
Her commissioned web art, "With Liberty and Justice for All", is featured in the British e-zine frAme. Among many other interviews and presentations, she was also recently quoted and photographed in a front page New York Times article on Hacktivism. http://www.pixelyze.com/scrapbook/articles/nyt103198/31hack.html

Born April 9, 1954, in Shirley, Massachusetts, USA, she currently lives in the Boston Metro area. Her resume contains more detail: http://www.pixelyze.com/ckresume.htm

Exhibitions and Performances
  • Exhibition, Date TBD 2002, EDT Timeline/200, Race in Digital Space group show, Spelman College, Atlanta, GA
  • Exhibition, April - May 2002, CodeMerge, selected works by Rolf van Gelder and Carmin Karasic, Clara Wainwright Studio, Allston, MA
  • Exhibition, Jan. - March 2002, EDT Timeline/200, Race in Digital Space group show, Studio Museum in Harlem, New York, NY
  • Exhibition, Jan. - May 2002, Virtual Quilt, DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA
  • Exhibition, Oct.- Nov. 2001, digital collage Iris prints, "Kosovo Bombing" series in ART BEYOND BORDERS group show, Municipal Gallery Burg Stolberg, Stolberg, Germany
  • Exhibition, June-July, 2001, digital collage Iris prints, "coderush" selections in ART BEYOND BORDERS group show, Generali Insurance building, Linz, Austria
  • Commission, May 2001: "Black Love" full-page illustration, Ms Magazine June/July issue
  • Exhibition, May, 2001, digital collage Iris prints, "coderush" selections in ART BEYOND BORDERS group show, Lankershim Arts Center, LA, CA
  • Exhibition, May, 2001, The Lost Ones installation excerpt, Boston Modern Orchestra Project and Immersion Music, Tech Fair @ Symphony Hall, Boston, MA
  • Exhibition, April-July, 2001, EDT Timeline/2001, MIT List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge, MA
  • Exhibition, April-May, 2001 d{s}eduction dialogue, New England School of Art and Design, Boston, MA
  • Commission, April 2001, Boston Public Art website for WGBH's Greater Boston Arts is released
  • Exhibition, April 2001, WGBH Boston Public Art website, Boston Cyberarts Festival Opening, Hotel@MIT, Cambridge, MA
  • Exhibition, Jan.- Dec. 2001: "coderush" series, iXL, Inc, Wakefield, MA
  • Cover and CD Booklet: Nov 2000, Bob Moses, "Nishoma", jazz CD
  • Commission, Oct 2000, Boston Public Art website development for WGBH's Greater Boston Arts TV show
  • Cover Art: Oct 2000, Electric Dreams e-zine cover, http://www.dreamgate.com/dream/ed-covers/2000ed-covers.htm
  • Exhibition, Sept. 2000, d{s}eduction dialogue and coderush prints in ART BEYOND BORDERS group show, Art System Gallery,Toronto, Canada, Toronto, Canada
  • Exhibition, July - Aug., 2000, digital collage Iris print, "coderush" selections and new work, in ART BEYOND BORDERS group show, Galerie Club der Begegnung, Linz, Austria
  • Exhibition, July 2000, d{s}eduction dialogue, Artists Foundation, Boston, MA
  • Exhibition, April, 2000, digital collage Iris print, "Influential Scars" in ART BEYOND BORDERS group show, Galerie Kandinsky, Vienna, Austria
  • Exhibition, April, 2000, "The Lost Ones" solo show, The Groton School Gallery, Groton, MA
  • Exhibition, March - April, 2000, digital collage Iris print, "Influential Scars" in ART BEYOND BORDERS group show, Galerie Riefel, Vienna, Austria
  • Exhibition, Feb.- Dec. 2000: "coderush" series, iXL, Inc, Cambridge, MA
  • Exhibition, May - June 1999: "The Lost Ones", for "e-flections@attleboro" during the Boston Cyberarts Festival, Attleboro Museum, Attleboro, MA
  • Exhibition, April 1999: "With Liberty and Justice for All", Boston CyberArts Festival Opening, Computer Museum, Boston, MA
  • Exhibition, April - May 1999: "coderush" series, for "Soul of the Machine" during the Boston Cyberarts Festival, Bromfield Gallery, Boston MA
  • Cover Art, April 1999: "binary flesh coderush" digital image printed as cover artwork. Boston Software Newspaper, Boston, MA
  • Exhibition, January 1999 – present: "With Liberty and Justice for All", listed in Web Art Taxonomy in SWITCH e-zine, San Jose CA
  • Exhibition, Nov. 1998: "With Liberty and Justice for All", Boston CyberArts Festival Benefit, Decordova Museum, Lincoln, MA
  • Commissioned Web Art, October 1998: "With Liberty and Justice for All", commissioned for the second issue of e-zine frAme: Journal of Culture and Technology, Nottingham, UK
  • Exhibition, September 1998: "Cosmic Sensory Communion Camp" collaboration with Alexi Dzurec for his installation, Burning Man '98, Black Rock City, NV
  • Exhibition, May - Oct. 1998: SWARM: An ECD Project for ARS Electronica Festival ’98, Linz, Austria
  • Exhibition, April - July 1998: "Underground Railroad in Cyberspace", "New England Women of Color Artists salute Harriet Tubman and the Fight for Human Rights". During the opening the piece included an Internet Art performance collaboration with Ricardo Dominguez. Harriet Tubman Gallery, Boston, MA
  • Internet Performance Art, June 1998: "word-dialogue-Light-revolution-action: breaking through glass" performance with John Hopkins for ARS Intertwinedness '98, Linz, Austria
  • Internet Performance Art, Feb. and June 1998: Multiple Dwelling collaboration with Jeff Gompertz and the Fakeshop Workers, based in NYC, NY
  • Exhibition, March - April 1998: "Gossamer Goddess Morphs into Cyberspace", "World Arts Association First Member's Show" WAA Virtual Gallery, Bath, UK
  • Exhibition, Oct. 1997, 2 Digi-art images shown by SoBo Society at the Harvest Family Festival, Quincy, MA
  • Internet Performance, Oct. 1997, during "Global Bodies"/ Opening of the ZKM, Goethe Institut, Boston, MA
  • Exhibition, Sept. 1997 through present: 4 Digi-art images. The PROCESS Art in-progress Virtual Gallery, Bath, UK
  • Exhibition, March 1997: "CyberDance Myths", Internet art installation collaboration with Leslie Everett, for PORT: Navigating Digital Culture, MIT List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge, MA
Speaking Engagements
  • May 2002, Brown University to critique The Archaeology of Multi-media
  • InterAccess Electronic Media Arts, March 15, Hacktivism workshop, Toronto, Ontario CA
  • Arts and the Media 2002, March 15, 2002, workshop: your www.portfolio, Cambridge, MA
  • The Art Institute of Boston, Jan. - May 2002, Adjunct Faculty, Class: New Genres, Boston, MA
  • Jan 11 Wellesley College, visiting artist and guest lecturer, Wellesley, MA
  • June 4-6, 2001 serve on Franklin Furnace's 2001 selection panel
  • May 1, 2001 Brown U to critique Wendy's class
  • April 28, 2001 Race & Digital Space, Art and Hacktivism
  • 4/6 Madison park class
  • March 21 How to get your portfolio online.Trustees Room at Mass. College of Art.
  • 3/22 - NYC Ian Walker's movie
  • Arts and the Media 2001, March 24, 2001, workshop: your www.portfolio, Cambridge, MA
  • Wellesley College, Nov. 21, 2000, visiting artist and guest lecturer, Wellesley, MA
  • NAMIC-New England, Inc., Nov. 17, 2000, panelist: Women in Media and Technology, Lynn, MA
  • Harvard University, July 12, 2000, guest lecture: User Interface Design Essentials, Cambridge, MA
  • A.C.T. Roxbury Consortium, April 15, 2000, panelist: Art/ Business on the Web, Boston, MA
  • New York University, April 6, 2000, panelist: Making Black Art, Making Art Black, NYC, NY
  • The Groton School, April 10 - 14, 2000, Resident Artist, Mudge Fellowship, Groton, MA
  • Arts and the Media 2000, March 18, 2000, workshop: Self-promotion via your Online Art Gallery, Cambridge, MA
  • The Art Institute of Boston, Feb. 26 - 27, 2000, visiting artist, Workshop: Putting your Portfolio Online, Boston, MA
  • The Art Institute of Boston, Feb. 24 - 25, 2000, Fellowship, duPont Lecture Series, Boston, MA
  • AMX Consultant’s Forum, June 9, 1999, presentation with Barry McKinnon of MQ2 System Design Group, Consultant, on the importance of user interface design. Orlando, FL
  • Attleboro Museum, June 2, 1999: talk about "The Lost Ones" and other works during "e-flections@attleboro" , Attleboro, MA
  • The Bunting Institute of Radcliffe College, May 6, 1999, panelist: Women in Technology Symposia, Cambridge, MA
  • Boston Ethical Society, April 18, 1999, guest speaker: Electronic Civil Disobedience as Digital Art, Boston, MA
  • The Art Institute of Boston, April 10, 1999, panelist: The Impact of Digital & Computer Technology on the Arts, Boston, MA
  • Arts and the Media 1999, March 27, 1999, panelist: Internet Marketing and Online Art Exhibits, Boston, MA
  • School of Visual Arts, Feb. 11, 1999, guest lecturer for Telecommunications for Artists 2: Website Development Techniques, NYC, NY
  • National Conference on Civil Disobedience, January 23, 1999, guest speaker: Hacktivism and Resistance to Future War, American University, Washington, DC
  • Computer Museum, January 11, 1999, guest artist: "With Liberty and Justice for All", Boston, MA
  • Harvard Law School, October 15, 1998, panelist: class discussion at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Cambridge, MA
  • Festival of Resistance, October 12, 1998, panalist: Electronic Civil Disobedience, NYC, NY
  • Rhode Island School of Design, Dec. 2, 1997, guest artist: Internet Art, Providence, RI
  • ARTNETWEB, September 13, 1997, project demonstrator: Internet Art Open House during the Downtown Arts Festival, Soho, NYC, NY
  • Do While Studio, December 3, 1996, resident artist: project presentation, Boston, MA
  • Suffolk University, October 22, 1996, guest speaker: Transitioning from Corp. America Technologist to Artist, Boston, MA
(USA interviews unless noted otherwise)
  • Digital Fine Art Magazine: Fall 2001, Artwork featured on inside cover, and profiled as art activist in Hacktivism article.
  • Urban League, May or june
  • The Connection, July
  • Paul Taylor (brit-boy's) Hacktivism book Sept. 14
  • Ian Walker's movie, March
  • California-girl Journalist, Sept.
  • Hactivism Documentary, Dec 2000, interviewed for Australian documentary movie.
  • Ms Magazine: Dec. 2000/Jan. 2001, Artwork featured on inside cover, and profiled as art activist in Hacktivism article.
  • Online Activism Documentary, Aug 2000, interviewed for British documentary video.
  • ABCNEWS.com: June 2000, Tech feature, quoted in "Hacker Women".
  • Boston Globe: April 2000, Boston Globe Calendar, included in "Digital Maestros".
  • Boston Globe: Feb. 2000, Boston Globe Living Arts, quoted in "Web hackers might be teens".
  • Boston Globe: April 1999, Boston Globe Living Arts 3 page feature on local artist.
  • Greater Boston Arts: April 1999, Boston Cyberarts Festival segment for PBS TV.
  • Boston Software News: April 1999, Boston Cyberarts Festival newspaper article.
  • Art New England: April 1999, Boston Cyberarts Festival magazine article.
  • The Wild Wild Web: February 1999, CBS TV broadcast about electronic activism.
  • BBC The World: February 1999, WGBH radio broadcast about electronic activism.
  • Boston Cyberarts Festival: February 1999, website article, featured as the Director of HyperArtSpace Boston Cyberart Festival’s Online Gallery.
  • The PROCESS Art in-progress, UK January 1999, featured in "Interview with an Artist"
  • Boston Sunday Globe, December 1998, newspaper article about electronic activism.
  • WBUR Here and Now: November 1998, radio, interviewed as activist art website designer.
  • ZDTV News Live: November 1998, interviewed as cyber-activist.
  • Digital Cafe: November 1998, syndicated TV show covered the Electronic Disturbance Theater.
  • Voice of America, November 1998, National Public Radio article about electronic activism.
  • la Repubblica, Italy, November 1998, article about electronic activism.
  • Cash Weekly, Switzerland, November 1998, article about electronic activism.
  • New York Times: October 1998, front page for article about electronic activism.
  • ZDTV News Live: September 1998, interviewed as member of Electronic Disturbance Theater.
  • Moondance e-zine: June 1998, featured artist interview.
  • New York Times: May 1998, for Cybertimes as member of Electronic Disturbance Theater.
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