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51 . Michael Dettmer young artist based in Cyprus 2006-04-09
Great graphics full of colour and stories hidden inside id: 2426
52 . Novagraf Images 2008-05-31
I am an eighty year old fractal artist who produces unique images please add me to your website and replyb9ncr id: 3080
53 . Ondrej Brody & Kristofer Paetau 2007-09-03
ADAM BUDAK ON ONDREJ BRODY & KRISTOFER PAETAU IN WANTED WORKS: Conceptual neo-dadaistic artistic couple which haunts for grotesque aspects of both institutionalized art world and the very phenomena of art production itself. Their strategy is obvious and almost embarrassing in its literacy and straightforwardness but apparently that is their strongest aspect. Their issues and targets are elemental as well: everyday ethics, not to say moral code booklets, become their source of subject-matterlike vocabulary. The investigation is always and first of all in regards to the psychology of behavior as influenced or provoked by the external aspects of life and politics. Oscillating between use and abuse, advanced manipulation and cold untouchable registration of absurd reality, their work is truly critical and sincere in its desire to uncover the pathologies and hidden normalcies of inter-human relations. Their actions are always well structured and the dramaturgy is almost perfect, precise and calculated, cold and emotionally disturbing, bold and vicious, thoroughly penetrating. It perhaps only needs to be more carefully balanced: the desired scandal properly used as a tool to emphasize a decay of certain values and their sudden corruption. id: 2905
54 . Peinture contemporaine abstraite 2009-11-01
Artiste peintre contemporain autodidacte, Christine Wolff vous fera d?couvrir ses toiles dans plusieurs galeries virtuelles. Ses toiles contemporaines sont peintes ? l'acrylique technique mixte en dyptique ou tryptique, elle d?tient un concept original qui a pour but de vous conseiller sur les dimensions, couleurs, motif et l'assemblage de vos ou votre tableau, pour am?liorer la d?coration contemporaine de votre appartement ou maison. id: 3306
55 . Picturepeople Archive 2005-01-11
PICTUREPEOPLE is an independent artistic (monthly) e-mail project by R�diger Heinze (writer) and Kristofer Paetau (visual artist) without any commercial purpose. It concentrates on the human representation in found amateur photography. The photographs become part of fictions - due to their re- contextualisation - and reveal different phenomena in human representation, interrogating mainly cultural and social issues, thus making connections to other fields of representation. The text accompanying each series of pictures serves as an introduction - hopefully leading to further reflexions. To subscribe / unsubscribe, please write to : picturepeople@web.de Archive at: http://www.paetau.com/picturepeople/ id: 2041
56 . Point in Time Photography by juan franco 2004-09-12
Documenting our society frame by frame in over twenty countries and 30 US states. Specialize in still life, portraits, architectural and travel photography - all work is digitally captured and enhanced. id: 1946
57 . Premutos's Fractal Gallery 2008-03-18
Fractal gallery and some photographies. id: 3046
58 . Rechthoek.nl 2005-03-12
Rechthoek.nl - Where Art and the internet meet - Waar kunst en internet elkaar raken. id: 2088
59 . Rians Fantasy World 2006-04-13
For almost 30 years I made drawings with pen and ink. First with a crown pen and later with a Rotringpen. Today I make them with a Digital pen The little figures that are characteristic for my drawings are still there. Because in all these years the became a part of my. When you have a quick look at my work you see a nice shape, but when you look closer you see the all the little details. id: 2430
60 . Rik van Schendel - Interactive Installations 2008-10-04
Works by Rik van Schendel, a new media artist from Nijmegen, the Netherlands id: 3152
61 . Rosina Guardia - Artista Pl?stica 2008-02-07
The artwork and biography of Rosina Guardia. id: 3020
62 . SevensHeaven 2005-09-28
SevensHeaven is the online portfolio of the Dutch digital artist and illustrator Metin Seven. id: 2270
63 . Streaming Museum 2008-11-02
"Artists and Innovators for the Environment" is part one of a three-part exhibition series featuring international visionary creators - people like scientist Buckminster Fuller, photographer James Nachtwey, composer John Cage, new media artist Brian Mackern, and many others, as well as innovative designs for environmental sustainability by Chuck Hoberman and others. It's presented by Streaming Museum, a new hybrid museum that presents real-time exhibitions in both cyberspace and in public spaces -- on seven continents! id: 3177
64 . Studio Denkraam NL 2005-05-12
Sam Samshuijzen, aka Sam Shuy Zen, composer of electronic art, both audio (2-4-8 channels) and visual: Fractals, virtual terrains, browser-art. Sound and/or vision either realistic, geometric or abstract. id: 2144
65 . Studio Lejeune: The Art of Technology 2005-04-08
Featuring the digital art and interactive projects of Lori Lejeune. id: 2113
66 . tagr.tv 2010-11-18
TagR.tv is a festival video blog that multiplexes documenting of all kinds of digital and media arts events, and lets you experience festivals from anywhere in close to real-time. id: 3467
67 . Tedited's Gay Art Gallery - homoerotic art with a contemporary twist 2007-09-09
A gallery of gay and homoerotic art by the scandinavian artist Tedited Hansson. Bringing sensitivity and a digital brush to gay art, he hopes to express more of the feelings and longings in gay life than common gay porn do. id: 2910
68 . The mind, inside 2010-10-04
The 21 images follow a "inner path" I called "the Mind Inside", a path leading the viewer inside the mind (and inside the heart).Black embeds the images, as they emerge slowly from the emptiness of the mind, blurred from inside by the "inner objects". They combine in a random alchemy, they overlap to form a new "identity"; memory works dynamically, not photographically, linking, indissolubly, to the visible. id: 3447
69 . The Saint Lucy Chronicles 1998-05-26
The Saint Lucy Chronicles are an on-line performance. A fairytale. A living work of art. This site is one of the first pieces of real NET.ART using the Internet as medium for the artwork. id: 103
70 . Thomas Briggs art website 2005-05-05
Briggs makes large scale works on paper using custom software. They resemble pen and ink drawings. id: 2138
71 . V2onW3 1997-04-22
From May 1994 the artist's initiative V2_Organisation -institute for the unstable media-, a center for art and technology, will be located in the center of Rotterdam. In the former NDU building, at the heart of the city, a series of presentations and performances in the field of art and media technology will be held in the coming years, dealing with subjects such as robotics, virtual reality, electronic networks and the development of interfaces. id: 106
72 . WebArt by Lucian Millis 2004-10-14
Computer-generated artwork that derives from mathematical functions or programs. id: 1971
73 . Yvonne Mous - fractal art 2007-07-25
Fractals. Digital images based on mathematic formulas. id: 2880
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