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51 . GalleryArtDirectory.com 2006-03-06
Directory for art, artist, art gallery, art supply, art museum, art representative, and more. id: 2384
52 . Ganoksin 1997-07-24
We at Ganoksin.Com are pleased to announce that We developed for us and the Gem and Jewelry Industry community a search engine which guaranties that your WebSite can be found easily on the net. id: 1736
53 . Gateway to Washington Art
Exhibitions, events in Washington D.C. id: 1738
54 . gay art directory 2002-07-05
Directory of gay artists ,painters ,Photographers, literature, writers, gay search engine, organizations, homepages and personals sites, lesbians, businesses ,awards and webring id: 1739
55 . Glossary of Painting styles
Glossary of Painting styles from the WebMuseum id: 1740
56 . Gurgaon Tattoo Artist 2015-04-13
Devilz Tattooz have the best tattoo artists in delhi and Gurgaon regions. id: 3824
57 . GZ-ARTBASEL 2012 14-17 June 2012-04-09
This is an international fair of contemporary art that will be realized in Basel. It is situated in the same area as ArtBasel and ScopeBasel. Applications may be admitted during this month ( April) by sending relevant info to selection@gz-artbasel.com id: 3660
58 . IFA - Internet for the Fine Arts
IFA is a network of online artists, galleries, museums, and resources for the fine arts id: 1741
59 . Irish Art - every significant Irish Art gallery selling Irish Art 2004-12-13
Complete Irish art galleries database and search engine including Irish artist's images. Free features for Irish art collectors and Irish artists. id: 2011
60 . Karlheinz Essl - Composer 1999-06-21
Scores, electronic music, Net music, sound installations, algorithmic compositions, performances and writings of the Austrian composer Karlheinz Essl id: 1746
61 . Kunst Tips Startpagina voor Kunstliefhebbers 2006-07-04
Kunstlinkpagina met links naar galeries, kunstenaars, kunstbeurzen, musea, kunsthistorische sites in binnen- en buitenland. id: 2510
62 . Kunstenaars gerubriceerd per provincie 2000-05-18
Meer dan 300 Nederlandse kunstenaars Hun website en vele discussies over kunst (ook genadeloos) Zie de Rode Rubrieken id: 1343
63 . Laughing Stock illustration, stock art, stock images with originality, wit and style 2002-12-12
Stock illustration that goes far beyond the vernacular. Featuring the best in rights-protected stock illustration and assignment resources. id: 1747
64 . Learning2Draw - The Most Comprehensive Figure Drawing Resource Online 2006-03-14
Learning2draw.com is a resource based web site dedicated to helping artists learn to draw people, draw faces, and master the art of figure drawing simply. Techniques, tips, tricks and how-to's galore are provided along with a free newsletter dedicated to art improvement. id: 2398
65 . Left Coast Art 1998-01-31
A collection of Fine Arts, most from North America's Left Coast. id: 1748
66 . Maestros Espa?oles del Retrato 2008-06-09
Dentro del panorama art?stico espa?ol de los siglos XIX y XX, esta p?gina recoge algunos de los pintores m?s importantes que se dedicaron al g?nero del Retrato, Algunos de los autores en menor grado, pero no por ello menos importantes. El Retrato se sigue considerando como uno de los temas principales por los pintores en sus diferentes vertientes creativas. id: 3088
67 . Marketing tools for fine artists 1998-12-22
Art Marketing 101, Art Marketing Sourcebook, newsletters and mailig lists to help artists and artworld professionals market art. id: 1750
68 . Media Link
A group of graphics enthusiasts who have gathered together in order to display their art and give free graphics to the web... id: 1743
69 . Mobiles by Julie Frith 2003-06-29
Mobiles by Julie Frith, modern art for high places, stabiles and hanging mobiles, custom orders,fast,quality service. id: 1751
70 . National Film Preservation Board 1998-03-13
The National Film Preservation Board was established by an act of the US Congress to help preserve America's film heritage. Established under the Library of Congress, the NFPB maintains the National Film Registry. This site includes world-wide links to other movie-related websites. id: 1753
71 . Online General Arts Degrees & Resources 2008-11-10
AcademicInfo is an online education resource center with extensive subject guides and distance learning information. Our mission is to provide free, independent and accurate information and resources for prospective and current students (and other researchers). id: 3184
72 . Outsider Art 2008-01-09
Outsiderkunst, Art Brut of Raw Art; kunst gemaakt door mensen van buiten de reguliere kunstwereld. id: 3002
73 . PainterGallery.com 2003-11-03
A comprehensive directory of artists and painters. id: 1757
74 . Picture Frames, Custom Wood and Metal Picture frames - eFrame.net 1999-06-25
eFrame.Net - Custom picture frames. Hand-crafted wood or metal frames. If you are art framing or a frame shop we have Secure On-Line shopping. 20% discount. id: 1759
75 . Pixelpoke 2000-06-07
Digital art extravaganza! Featuring the work of Jason Waskey. id: 1760
76 . Plasticine.com 1998-08-11
A collection of web pages belonging to Australian writers and artists. There is no style or ideology to adhere to here, just the ability to make something and the urge to get it out there... id: 1761
77 . Polymetaal, graphic art equipment 1998-06-28
Polymetaal is a Dutch company manufacturing etching presses, lithographic pressen, relief presses, hotplates , and supplies etching plates, felt and lithographic stones. Address; Polymetaal, Evertsenstraat 69 C, 2315 SK Leiden, the Netherlands. Tel +31.71.5222681, Fax +31.71.5214244 e-mail; info@polymetaal.nl id: 1762
78 . Russian and Soviet Art Online Catalogue 2004-05-05
Search thousands of paintings from the Leningrad School (1930-1990) by Artist name, or by Subject Category, or by Geography. id: 1808
79 . SILVIA PECHA Fine Art Pictures 2002-03-12
Fine Art Pictures from Vienna. Symbolism- Surrealism id: 1764
80 . strangefruits - online art hopping 2002-09-09
strangefruits is a place where you can spot remarkable artsites. Online art-hoppings guide you to the most interesting important and striking art sites, galleries and artists on the internet. id: 1765
81 . The 5 ? Art History Quiz
5 Questions that change Monthly --Now ALL COROT QUIZ- fun, learning/ art history links/detailed answers a click away id: 1766
82 . The Art Deadlines List
A list of competitions, contests, call for entries/papers, grants, scolarships, jobs and more id: 1767
83 . The Art List 2004-07-14
Art contests newsletter. id: 1882
84 . Universes in Universe. Worlds of Art
Art directories: Africa, Asia, Latin America. Biennials worldwide: Havana, Johannesburg. How inclusive is the documenta X's art world? Forum: intercultural debate. Calls for submission: exhibitions, grants, competitions, residencies. Project pool. id: 1772
85 . vabest.com - art sales and promotion 2003-01-15
Specializing in the work of Virginia artists of many types. . . id: 1773
86 . vickijunk-wright.com 2002-11-06
vibrant art of children, animals,flowers and landscapes. If you love color you will love this sight. originals art, giglees, and notecards id: 1774
87 . WAA World Arts Association 1998-03-15
Each of us, at present, are having to deal with the problems of ; on the one hand being professional artists while on the other having to be experts on the leading edge of Internet technology. A situation that undoubtedly diminishes the time (and strength) we can devote to the business of making art! id: 1776
88 . WebMuseum: Artist index
The Webmuseum, Paris id: 1777
89 . Where Is The New Art Movement: Links 2006-12-14
Links: new movements, new ideas, innovation, new directions and developments, in the visual arts for the 21th century id: 2670
90 . Winter Theme in Russian Art of 1950-1990s 2004-05-05
Winter landscape and genre scenes in russian paintings of 1950-1990s. Featured artists: Ovchinnikov, Osipov, Timkov, Semionov, Bazhenov, Kozell, Galakhov, Tatarinov and other painters from the Leningrad School. id: 1810
91 . World Wide Art (sm)
World Wide Art brings you a global selection of art, artists and galleries all with the convenience of the Internet's World Wide Web. id: 1778
92 . World Wide Arts Resources
This page, organized by The Ohio State University at Newark, Art Gallery, attempts to compile all "real" visual arts information that is available via the World Wide Web since September 1994. id: 1779
93 . Xylem Design 2003-05-14
Xylem Design manufactures and distributes A large assortment of patented display and artist easels. id: 1782
94 . Yahoo - Art
Comprehensive list of Art Links from Yahoo id: 1781
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