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701 . The Art of Erwin van der Worp (exhibition of his paintings) 1998-06-12
Presenting the paintings of Erwin van der Worp, a young Dutch artist who lives and works in Zwolle. At this vitual gallery you will find new modern paintings whit beautiful collors. id: 1534
702 . The Art of Gary Molitor 1998-01-29
This site contains images of Gary Molitor's cast porcelain ceramic sculpture in the "TechnoBiomorphic" style, mixed media sculpture, art cups, drawings, Sci-Fi computer art, personal life stories, Sci-Fi adventure stories and loads of art links. id: 1535
703 . The artist Karin Mayer 2007-05-25
The Belgian artist Karin Mayer. Karin is a distinguished aquarelle watercolor artist who has exhibited throughout Europe and the U.S.A. She also designs high quality jewelry. id: 2817
704 . The best of Persian paintings 2004-01-19
Persian Miniature , Magic Paintings , Sky Paintings id: 1538
705 . The Calligraphy of Yves Leterme 2003-08-21
The site features modern calligraphy as a craft but also as an art where letters are used as graphic lines. id: 1540
706 . The David Hugh Evans Collection - Fine Art Landscape Photography 2009-11-18
David Hugh Evans is an international multi award-winning fine art landscape photographer. View his collection of stunning panoramic landscape photography from Australia, New Zealand and the USA. id: 3319
707 . The Elio Pastore's digital art web site 2002-01-10
Digital art and fractal art in the personal site of an italian artist. All the works - on paper and on canvas - are computer generated. id: 1545
708 . The Eternal Diogenes 2010-05-24
Verdirosi is an Italian artist and poet whose inspirational paintings are a metaphysical argument, a treasure trove full of painted dreams and unusual imaginations id: 3388
709 . the fine art works of Derrick Fludd 2006-02-15
he fine art works of Derrick Fludd contemporary works of art by the New York painter, includes notes and essays by the artist. id: 2359
710 . The Heritage Art Of Marg Lamendeau 1998-04-24
The paintings of Marg Lamendeau evoke fond memories and warm associations with places and things from our past. She works in richly-de tailed oils and pencil studies using a broad range of subject matter including heritage farm scenes, cottage life, victorian ladies, sun-bathed porches, happy children, granddads, old friends swapping stories and serene landscapes. id: 1550
711 . The Magical World of Horses by Suzana Stojanovic a painter 2004-09-21
Glamorous highly realistic paintings of horses - original oil on canvas and pastels paintings - artworks by Suzana Stojanovic a painter. id: 1952
712 . The Ocean Series 2004-08-18
A postmodern response to the color-field paintings of Rothko, these works appeal to those who meditate, serious art lovers, and ocean lovers as well. Originals, prints, and affordable posters can be purchased on line. id: 1912
713 . The Printmaster
We specialize in hard-to-find prints and posters. id: 1555
714 . the state of the art on the verge of the millennium 2005-04-28
an analysis of the work of contemporary artistists, composers, poets id: 2132
715 . The Underwater Press 1998-09-26
Home to the music of Esgazette, online art gallery and the art and ideas project, incubator id: 1563
716 . The Virtual Art Gallery GRAVURE 2000-06-02
Oilpaintings,water-colours,drawings and etchings of landscapes in the Himalaya, Yemen, Ireland and Brittany. id: 1564
717 . The Wait Gallery 2007-01-31
An online gallery showing the things you did while waiting for something else. id: 2715
718 . The World of Apostolos 2003-03-21
Omnimedial Images id: 1565
719 . the young realistic dutch artist gerard boersma 2005-01-29
the offficial homepage of the emerging dutch artist Gerard Boersma, specializing in realism id: 2059
720 . Theresa Kasun 2007-04-01
Theresa Kasun has a BFA in Design from the Kansas City Art Institute and an MFA in Figurative Painting from the New York Academy of Art. Her artwork as a Licensed Artist is a fusion of both art worlds. Her fine art images are found on products that are sold at major retails stores throughout the U.S.A. id: 2777
721 . This is Contemporary Modern Fine Art Photography 2008-09-18
Exclusive fine art limited editions prints from American contemporary art photographer Jesse Ross id: 3141
722 . Tim Lowly - Painting 2000-12-04
Paintings and work in other media by Chicago based artist Tim Lowly. Site includes extensive links section to numerous fine artists. id: 1568
723 . Tina van Welie 2004-09-10
Recent work of Tina van Welie id: 1945
724 . Tineke Kleij-van den Boomen or Art as a part of the universe 2008-09-13
Tineke Kleij-van den Boomen. Self-educated person. The artist who creates peace, loves and above all enjoys everything. I invite you in my galerie. Visit with me the mountain on which I am now at this moment. Click on the painting of your choice and ........ enjoy with me a journey through the present and past, on the road to what all of us is connecting. I have plod and have struggled. My body is still fortunately there for me. No more sickness. No more pain. No surplus of tears anymore. Yes, now I can enjoy the peace in me. All luggage has been left behind. Each day there is more space for painting, for live and enjoy. My view is tremendous. Do you want to discover more? My heart is big enough ....... enjoy all the colours of my paintings. They can help you heal, to focus or to enjoy more of your live. With love ................. Tineke id: 3138
725 . Tiziana Ciaghi 2000-05-25
Unique site with information on the castles of Trentino. Pictures are actually acrylics paintings on canvas,castles and landscapes, done by the author. id: 1569
726 . Tiziano Capetta - Sculptures 2006-12-31
Tiziano Capetta - Sculptures id: 2688
727 . Tomas Castano, Spanish Art web 2007-02-28
ArtPage of the artist's Spanish Tomas Castano, specialist in Urban landscapes, formed by thematic different gallery, among those that highlight those dedicated to "Taverns, bars...of the old Madrid", "Old Havana" and "Santander." id: 2753
728 . Tomas Patrick Quigley 2005-11-30
Tomas Patrick Quigley Boston Based artist and writer id: 2306
729 . Ton Janssen 2008-01-16
Paintings made by Ton Janssen - Someren - The Netherlands id: 3005
730 . Toos van Holstein, painter 1999-01-19
Schilderijen van Toos van Holstein, kunstenares in Eindhoven. id: 1571
731 . Transylvania traditional art, portraits and icons exceptional 2011-05-25
Traditional icon in Transylvania, "Art Group, " Traditions "consists of Roxana, and Calin Raluca Bogatean, a descendant of the ancient painters is a site of artistic presentation of traditional Byzantine iconography on wooden glass art id: 3529
732 . Trinity Dreams Creative Design 2004-04-13
Unique Address Labels and Stationery Sets id: 1572
733 . Trompe L'oeil, Wall Murals and Faux Painting by the artist Michael Potter 2007-04-10
Come view or commission your own beautiful Trompe l'oeil, wall murals or faux painting by the artist Michael Potter. id: 2790
734 . Trudy Duits 2008-09-29
In my art i am looking for live and so I have choose the style Trail and Error! I use rubbish and cheap commondess and I try everything.. id: 3150
735 . TVscreenART - Your Television becomes Artwork 2003-05-01
TV Screen ART - Your Television becomes Artwork. Decorate your home with gorgeous images - TVscreenART offers an exclusive collection of DVDs featuring landscapes, abstracts, flowers, digital art and much more. New titles are published every month. id: 1574
736 . Tynee G 2004-03-01
Tynee G music site. id: 1575
737 . UFOCOMES 2002-05-26
Fotos & Words, e.g. Ufo-Gallery, Virtual Ketchup Art (engleutsch), guests, german stories, essays, poems etx. by T.Bone Schweisthal and B. Zacke. id: 1576
738 . Ukrainian Eggs by Ginny 1998-12-27
Artist, Ginny Barkman, is a creator of exquisite Ukrainian Eggs (pysanky). All types of shells are available including ostrich, goose, duck and chicken eggs. The artistic process is similar to batik, waxing and dyeing. Customers can have input and view (in progress) any special orders via the internet. id: 1577
739 . Ulf M, the painter from Lofoten, Norway 2007-11-16
Ulf M's paintings are easily recognisable because of his unique style; his women and landscapes both beautiful and emotional. id: 2969
740 . Umberto Passini Onlin 1999-06-15
Vintage & Contemporary Film Poster Art id: 1578
741 . Unique Silver Jewelry | Rock and Roll Jewelry 2007-11-08
Imperial Rose Collections offers high end Rock and Roll Jewelry, Rock Music Jewelry, Gothic Jewelry and Unique Silver Jewelry. We have something for everybody. id: 2960
742 . United Photo - Custom Photo Lab 2003-04-18
United Photo is a full service custom photo lab. Processing film, slides, digital prints, giclee prints, enlargements, anything to do with film processing. id: 1579
743 . Unreal City and other webworks
"Unreal City" is a collection of the spontaneous and surreal collages that form when layers of advertising, posters and grafitti mix on the walls of New York City. id: 1580
744 . Urban 2004-01-12
Artwork that is urban influenced using a spray gun and found objects(used as stencils)to express visions and pyschic reactions to the technological,architectural,synthetic and human impact on our contemporary culture and environment. id: 1581
745 . Vaandering 2007-01-14
artwork by E.J Vaandering id: 2706
746 . Valentin Yotkov - silversmith 2001-03-12
Valentin Yotkov is renowned master silversmith from Bulgaria who was trained in the ancient metalwork techniques of chasing and repousse. His work has been exhibited in Japan, Greece, Germany, Russia, Italy, Mexico, India, China and the USA. id: 1582
747 . Valentin Yotkov, Designer / Silversmith 2001-08-09
The Valentin Yotkov Studio is the only Art School in the USA specialized in Chasing and Repousse instruction. Valentin also teaches at other schools in the US and abroad. id: 1803
748 . Vicky Lentz 2001-04-09
Canadian visual artist living and working in nature. Contemporary nature landscapes and rural scenes in oil. id: 1583
749 . Victor Christ - Free Artist Portfolio at absolutearts.com 2002-10-09
Victor Christ is thoroughly committed to art. His amazing paintings, refined though dynamic, take spectators into stimulating new realms of visual consciousness. Bound to the arts..... id: 1006
750 . Vietnam Combat Art
Vietnam Combat Art by Jim Pollock in the CMH U. S. Army Center id: 1586
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