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451 . Lowbrow artist Ger Peters' Art Alternative 2005-01-26
Lowbrow painter and cartoonist Ger Peters, inspired by the alternative artists of American Kustom Kulture, is giving lowbrow art a twist all his own. id: 2057
452 . Lowry Prints 2013-05-06
Signed and limited edition prints by renowned 20th Century British artist L.S. Lowry. id: 3748
453 . Lucienne Lubbers paintings and woodcutting 2007-05-11
I make oilpaintings and woodcuts about stillifes, animals and people. I my figurative work I play with colour, ornament and patterns. id: 2807
454 . m2studio portraits.. cool bold portraits of u and ur pet 2003-02-27
M2 studio is the home of Matt Moffett. Moffett is a self taught artist who is an up and coming artist in the Midwest US. Moffet's portraits are very bold and full of symbolism and lush colors. id: 1368
455 . mahof 2007-09-12
Symbolic art, abstract, gold,leaf, and silver oil on canvas paintings id: 2913
456 . MahofArt 2008-02-26
Mahof, born in the Netherlands (Deventer) on October 28 th, 1970, His paintings are abstract and symbolic. Gold and silver are mixed with oil on canvas. Mahof combines are very intense colour with his own writing and symbolism. From intuition and unconscious act created in this way special, mystical, colorful artwork with a totally unique character. id: 3031
457 . mainart 1998-08-23
two artists presenting their work. id: 1393
458 . Makart's Gallery 1999-04-13
Artist, Martin A Knapp, offers his watercolor paintings and drawings and those of other artists; sketch services based on your photographs; originals, prints, and other information enlightening, educational and entertaining to artists and art lovers alike. id: 1372
459 . Male paintings Atelier That Kind of Men 2000-02-28
galleries with male paintings of Wim van Heeswijk, dutch artist, contact and purchase information id: 1373
460 . Manabe Antons Room 2005-10-01
manabe anton, woodcuts & wooden sculptures. born in eisenkappel/austria - lives and works in nikko/japan id: 2272
461 . Manouk - Contemporary Art 2006-06-13
Net galerie d'art modern de Manouk Grigorian (artiste peintre Armenien). La biographie de Manouk Grigorian. La galerie des peintures, sculptures, mosaiques. id: 2492
462 . Marc Bontant - Artist 2001-06-05
Colorful oil paintings to discover, by a french artist id: 1374
463 . Marc VERAT 2003-03-21
Re-visiting the history of art, French artist Marc Verat connects the past with the present. What is art - Can it exist by ignoring the legacy from the past ? id: 1375
464 . Marchesa Casati Official Site 2001-10-10
Official site devoted to the extravagant life and legend of the Marchesa Luisa Casati (1881-1957)-- the 20th century's most fascinating art muse and femme fatale. Prepare to be astonished! id: 1376
465 . Marhaba from Holland 2004-10-03
Woman and the society. id: 1961
466 . Maria Sochaniewicz - Fine Artist 2006-10-29
Abstract art. Paintings, drawings, work on paper. Illustrations. id: 2616
467 . Mariana Kirby 2001-03-25
My name is Mariana Kirby. I'm from Argentina and currently live and work in New York City. I'm a digital artist with a background in printmaking. I use Photoshop, Image Ready, Fireworks, Illustrator, Quark X Press, Dreamweaver, Flash, do animation and web design. My Artwork is for sale through my online gallery and I can be contacted via e-mail. id: 1377
Find please at my online portfolio few of my latest artworks. Mit diesen Web-Seiten, Ich pr?sentiere einige von meinen neuen Kunstwerken. Retrouvez quelques-un de mes oeuvres r?cents sur mon site d'Internet. id: 1378
469 . Marie-Noëlle Dumaz, french illustrator 2002-02-28
Illustrations for children's books and other works :watercolors, portraits... id: 1379
470 . Marilyn Kirsch, Contemporary Artist 2001-01-20
Oil paintings and works on paper. Abstract imagery influenced by architecture and photography. id: 1380
471 . marinel vormgeving in brons 2001-06-15
marinel vieleers woont en werkt te Wierden en werkt in iele bronzen figuren. De mens en al zijn emoties , en de mens en communicatie zijn de rode draad door haar werk. het is abstraherend figuratief. formaten van 10cm tot 2 meter. id: 1381
472 . maritime paintings 2006-11-09
maritime art, mostly sea related paintings id: 2628
473 . Marius Abeling ~ Portrait Painter 2011-12-17
Portrait painter Marius Abeling makes classical portraits in commission and is specialized in children's portraits. id: 3587
474 . Martin's Dreams 1998-03-15
The texts and the images of Martin's Dreams. A collection of poems and photographs. English, French and Spanish id: 1383
475 . Martine Jacobs pastel en nieuw media artiest 2002-05-30
Pastel, Boeddha's Tibetaanse gezichten id: 1384
476 . Massimo Conti Fine Art Photography 2007-12-24
Massimo Conti Fine Art Photography id: 2996
477 . Massimo D. Zilioli 2003-06-11
Paintings, sculptures, ceramics and computer art by italian artist id: 1387
478 . Math G.A.V. Reijnders - metarealistisch schilder 2005-08-31
Overzicht van (recent) werk, in magisch-realistische stijl, uitgaande van het menselijk lichaam. id: 2251
479 . MattsCanvas.co.uk - Photo on Canvas Prints & Pop Art Portraits 2009-03-06
Contemporary Canvas Prints for home and business. Various Pop Art styles to choose from as well as on-line photography gallery. Prices from ?20. id: 3215
480 . max conrad - photography 2007-10-13
Headshots for actors - Belin-based photographer. id: 2933
481 . Max Scratchmann Illustration
Illustration, 3D illustration, fabric collage, prop and model making. id: 1389
482 . McMurray, Robert H. - Artist Gallery 1998-01-04
Art Page with thumbnails for Bob McMurray, AFCA, West Coast Canadian artist painting representational work in a variety of media and subject matter with a hint of nostalgia id: 1390
483 . Menno Hoeksta - scrapheap artist 2009-03-21
moving and interactive objects id: 3219
484 . Mermaid Art 2010-05-25
eOlivia is an Official site for artist Olivia De Berardinis. We offer Olivia books, posters, Bettie Page Clothing and other pin up art like paintings, calendars, greeting cards, pictures, Tees and sketches. id: 3390
485 . Mezei Pál/Paul Mezei képzőművész/artist weboldala 2015-03-02
Paul Mezei works id: 3814
486 . mhkuijper 2003-01-25
Art like you have never seen before. A mixture of assemly art with pictures and drawings in black ink with on top metallic details. Modern, new and original, colorful, scary but not without ironny. id: 1392
487 . Michael Harris Photography 2007-01-12
Traditional limited addition Fine art black and white photography of Landscapes seascapes and classic cars. id: 2701
488 . Michael Ross Fine Arts Painting and Design 1997-11-21
Fine arts painting, portraits, landscapes, murals, decorative painting and arts, faux finishes, woodgraining, marbling, trompe l'oeil, restorations, old master re-creations, and design (interior, graphic, website) id: 1395
489 . Michelle Meier: Art & Design 2006-04-07
Portfolio of abstract artwork focusing on the notions of transparency, manipulation, color, texture, environment, and form from artist Michelle Meier. id: 2424
490 . Mieke Siemons 2006-12-07
Mieke Siemons. Expressive Abstract paintings and painting workshops in Vianen (NL) id: 2661
491 . Mieke van Steenbergen 2006-03-07
Beside her successful abstract work Mieke van Steenbergen is now developing a new and surprising concept. The work carries in all his simplicity in a humoristic manner: honesty. id: 2385
492 . Mike's Studio 2003-03-29
Non-objective abstract oils from artist Mike Kious. id: 1396
493 . mikki-f 2006-07-22
Artist in several techniques, mostly acryl painting on canvas, decorative subjects. Editor of a new Belguim art magazine promoting Belguim talent: ART BOOK id: 2524
494 . mimesis and abstraction 2005-05-25
a dialectic between organic appearance en geometric essence on the border between art and design id: 2163
495 . Minna Vainio Virtual Gallery 1998-12-27
A Finnish Artist, surrealism and expressionism. A hot Artist from the cold Country. id: 1399
496 . Miriam Gonzalez Gil 2006-11-09
Site where the emerging artist Miriam Gonz?lez Gil shows her artwork. id: 2627
497 . Mirko Demattč artist 2012-09-26
Demattč is the artist who embraces sports, literature, finance and design. Rewards the “maglia rosa” of the Italian Tour in 2009, exhibits at the Feltrinelli in Parma, opens the 2011 with a prestigious exhibition at the UBS Bank of Lugano and exhibits at Made Expo in Milan, the most visited trade fair in Italy. id: 3718
498 . misha de ridder *HOME* 1999-12-22
Online exhibition of the Dutch artist/ photographer, Misha de Ridder. id: 1401
499 . Mitchell McIntyre Artist Website 2003-08-28
online gallery, latest oil and acrylic paintings,as well as charcoal and pastel drawings id: 1403
500 . Mixed media collage paintings by Claudine Hellmuth 1998-12-28
Collage artwork of freelance artist Claudine Hellmuth.Site also features free screensavers and virtual postcards. id: 1404
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