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601 . Randolf's Art Gallery - erotic paintings 2002-10-29
Dutch Artist Randolf Bruin is on the scene in Beijing. Taking the female nude as his subject, Randolf experiments with oils and mixed media to generate a visual experience not to be missed. id: 820
602 . Ranew-Turner Atelier 1999-02-02
We are a new web site looking for young artists to display their art with us. In the future we plan to expand, and host shows at clubs in Atlanta and throughout the South-East. id: 821
603 . Ratio onis 2007-07-12
3D-paintings Stereography in combination with optical illusions. Paintings with impossible perspectives and visual illusions. id: 2869
604 . Re: The Virtual Affair 1998-09-23
a net.art, cyberpoetry project by Reiner Strasserexploring virtuREality id: 823
605 . Red Rag Gallery 2004-09-15
Modern Art Gallery specialising in original contemporary art and paintings from living British artists. id: 1949
606 . Redback Art Gallery - For Fine Aboriginal Art and Contemporary Art 2001-05-13
Redback Art Gallery located in Brisbane, Australia, specializes in the exhibition and sale of quality Aboriginal Art id: 827
607 . Remko Leeuw - Art 2007-09-23
Remko Leeuw makes abstract actoin paintings. He gives performances. While painting he never knows what he will paint. This comes spontaneous, reacting on the sounds, emotions, or people around him, and on the painting itself. id: 2923
608 . RENE ASMUSSEN 2001-02-22
Photographs by Award Winning RENE ASMUSSEN id: 828
609 . Resectio Ego 1999-02-11
Dmitry D. Emelyanov`s new art handworks(miniature skulpture) - wood and bone carving, ceramic, metal and other... id: 219
610 . Ria & Remko Art, Jewellery, Ceramics, Sculptures 2008-03-02
Virtual Gallery of an existing Art Gallery on the Greek island of Kos run by the Dutch artist-couple Ria & Remko de Gilde id: 3034
611 . Richard and Terry Buffington - Photography. 2000-06-21
This site contains images of our vision of the world. It is captured from my inner dreams, not necessarily from what we claim is the real world. id: 832
612 . Richard von Zimmer Photography 1998-04-13
An online gallery featuring the photography of Richard von Zimmer id: 834
613 . RisaRosine.de 2001-07-07
The Art of Risa Rosine ( Paintings, Photos, Lomos and more) id: 836
614 . ritratti galleria 2013-11-03
Ritratti a matita e olio su commissione id: 3785
615 . Robb Rye Photographer 2000-10-12
Black and white and color fine art photography id: 837
616 . Robbert Schaefers paintings photo's and digital work 2002-10-31
Robbert Schaefers education Rijksacademie van beeldende Kunsten Amsterdam 1978-83. id: 838
617 . Roland Carlos - Paintings and Prints with Swarovski Crystals 2009-03-25
Roland Carlos Akademie of Fine Arts Vienna at Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Painting Prints Portrait with Swarovski Crystals. id: 3220
618 . Ron Amir Gallery Painting and Drawing 2009-12-06
Modern conseptual forward thinking art. id: 3333
619 . Ron Weijers - artiFACTS 2006-12-04
Het werk van de Rotterdamse kunstenaar Ron Weijers, berust op een karakteristieke abstracte beeldtaal. Zijn schilderijen onthullen een diepere betekenis en reflecteren zijn visie op hedendaagse ter discussie staande vraagstukken. Door afstand te nemen van de bestaande vormen neemt de metamorfose de macht over in zijn lijnenspel. Een eigenzinnig lijnenspel dat de groei van zijn werk vanaf de oorsprong laat zien. Zijn intu?tieve en karakteristieke combinatie van kleur, materiaal en vorm prikkelt de fantasie van de beschouwer en verleidt hem tot een andere blik op deze wereld. Het uitgangspunt van zijn schilderproces in het algemeen is de persoonlijke zoektocht naar zijn balans tussen rust en onrust. Zijn werk is de ultieme manier van communiceren met zichzelf en met anderen. Weijers maakt gebruik van gemengde technieken opgebouwd in verschillende lagen (collage, acryl, olie pastel, grafiet en objecten) en werkt hoofdzakelijk op houten panelen. id: 2649
620 . Rosalux Gallery 2006-02-18
Rosalux is a cooperative gallery in downtown Minneapolis featuring contemporary visual artists of various media. id: 2365
621 . Roslin Art Gallery 1998-10-27
We exhibit art from a variety of Armenian artists around the world. We also sell greeting cards and posters inspired by miniature art and designed by Seeroon Yeretzian, and art books. id: 840
622 . rssgallery.com 2001-09-11
Gallery showcasing new British Artists: Janet Scott (Rubber, Print, Textiles) and Jessica Loseby (Digital Prints & Web Art) id: 843
623 . Rua Pick, Artist 2006-04-12
Chronologically Arranged Artworks with descriptions by New Zealand Artist Rua Pick id: 2428
624 . Russian and spanish fine art 2003-07-17
impressionist art. id: 846
625 . RUSSIAN COLOURS Fine Art Gallery 1999-10-04
Russian Art of the SOVIET AGE from private collections: portrait, landscape, ganre scenes, marine, still life, small format painting. 150 Artists from the Leningrad School (1920-1990). Solo and group exhibitions. Some works is available for sale. Framing service. Links. id: 847
626 . Ruthy's Art 2004-02-15
Abstract/Surrealism; A fusion of color meets form. id: 850
627 . saad alani surrealist painter sculptor critic 2004-05-08
oil paintings and bronze sculptures, art as human language id: 1817
628 . Saatchi Gallery - Contemporary Art in London 2006-01-19
Contemporary art gallery in London. The Saatchi Gallery presents The Triumph of Painting. The art exhibition will define how contemporary painting has survived into the new century. id: 2325
629 . Sacred Bear Press and Jewelry 2003-04-30
Presenting a collection of Native American and Southwest Jewelry and Art. At Sacred Bear, you will find beautiful handmade turquoise, lapis and jewelry created by Navaho and Zuni master artists. And in our extensive portfolio of limited edition signed prints, you will discover the art of renowned Native American and Southwest artists. Secure shopping. There are many pieces under a $100. Visit us now! id: 852
630 . Sacred Voice Gallery 2001-10-31
Founded by Painter Ian Pearson and Sculptor John Wiles, The Sacred Voice Gallery is devoted to the prehistoric mediums that they regard as the sacred voice of humanity. id: 854
631 . Salvador Dali 2007-08-03
Hand signed works by Salvador Dali and art experts to answer questions about dali. id: 2883
632 . Salvatore Rizzuti - Sculptor 2010-07-23
Virtual gallery of Salvatore Rizzuti, sculptor and full professor of Sculpture at the Fine Arts Academy in Palermo. The website also has a section about the Tribune of Antonello Gagini in the Cathedral of Palermo. id: 3414
633 . SAMI_ ART 2005-06-18
Private website of artist Sami Abdullah Albar presents his artworks and gallery in plastic painting, painting, Mixed media, graphic and ceramic. It includes his up to date modern artworks in the above-mentioned fields. id: 2192
634 . Sandrine Follere-French Sculptor 1999-09-29
Abstract and figurative sculptures.Drawings (pastels,red chalks from live models...).Photographs of the artist's travels.Video's sequences in the artist's studio. id: 856
635 . Saralart, Saral's marbled paintings, art of ebru 2008-02-12
Unique marbled paintings by most creative and leading marbling artist Ahmet Saral id: 3021
636 . Sausalito Art Galleries 2003-11-07
Sausalito, is well known for being an Art Mecca in Northern California. Now, Sausalito Art Galleries, a Virtual Art Community, brings the talents and works of Local, American, and International Artists to this new "Internet Medium." id: 857
637 . Schilderijen Gert Meindertsma 2008-09-20
Schilderijen/aquarellen/tekeningen id: 3144
638 . Scotland Art.com - Leading Scottish Art Gallery in Glasgow 2003-10-07
Original paintings for sale from leading Scottish gallery representing over170 Scottish and British artists. Our gallery in Glasgow, Scotland holds a stock of over 1000 paintings to choose from. We only carry original art. id: 859
639 . Scottish Art from Red Rag 2009-04-19
Leading UK art gallery featuring contemporary Scottish Art from established and emerging artists id: 3234
640 . Scottish Landscape Painting Gallery 2008-10-21
Oil paintings of the Scottish Landscape and Scottish Castle Paintings with a wee bit of the stories that surround them. Lots of other decorative paintings and landscapes from other artists in all styles for sale at silly prices. id: 3168
641 . sculpture and photography 2007-02-05
Theo Hol is an artist from Holland. Lives and works in Tilburg. Both a sculptor and a photographer. Over the years photography is becoming the main activity. Nice portraits from people often in a social context. id: 2724
642 . Sculpture Zone
A Consortium of Sculptors and Sculpture Galleries who create and exhibit Sculpture id: 861
643 . sculptures verdianu 2007-02-20
Original abstract and figurative sculptures from Vienna and St. Petersburg. Dumitru Verdianu works with different materials like marble, stone, granite, terracotta, wood, metal, bronze, porcelain and glass. id: 2747
644 . Sedona Art Gallery: Exposures International, Arizona 2007-03-23
Largest fine art gallery in Sedona Arizona and Southwest. Exposures is among the finest, most unique art galleries in the world. id: 2767
645 . Selly Mares lyrisch abstract paintings 2006-05-12
Mijn reizen vormen voor mij een belangrijke inspiratiebron. De sfeer, de mensen, hun cultuur en niet te vergeten de schitterende natuur. Steeds opnieuw verrassend en puur. id: 2459
646 . Senzatitolo 2005-09-23
Senza Titolo inizia la propria attivit? in uno spazio in cui sopra e sotto sono inestricabilmente legati come le ampolle di una clessidra. Lo spazio ? una pagina bianca disseminata di punti disposti in modo casuale. Tracciare delle line e tra questi punti nasce dal esiderio di creare collegamenti trascurando l?esito finale della ricerca e l?intelligibilit? dell?immagine conclusiva. Le traiettorie del percorso potranno essere confermate o modificate, contraddette e arricchite dall?emersione di punti non presenti all?origine. Senzatitolo ? la ricerca di nuovi approdi. id: 2266
647 . Sergei Osipov's Russia 2000-08-29
Paintings by russian artist Sergei Osipov (1915-1985): landscape, still-life, genre scenes. Selected works of 1950-1980's. id: 865
648 . Sergey Kryshtapovich Online Art Gallery 2010-09-09
Contemporary artist Sergey Kryshtapovich. Art works from 1970s to the present day. id: 3439
649 . Shahid Brown Painting the world one Canvas at A Time 2005-04-09
Shahid Brown painting the world one canvas at a time. Specializing in Painting, Portraits, Graphics, Consulting! id: 2116
650 . Simon Millgate Digital Nature 2004-02-16
Simon Millgate is an artist exploiting the possibilities of digital techniques of collage when applied to natural form. id: 869
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