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451 . lamis Dachwali 2007-12-14
fine art, 40 years works, realisme, surrialisme, abstract. id: 2991
452 . Landscape paintings 2009-02-06
Buy the finest abstract oil paintings direct from our wholesale art gallery. id: 3204
453 . Landscape paintings by Nikolai Timkov 2004-05-05
Landscape paintings by worldwide known russian artist Nikolai Timkov (1912-1993). Selected works of art of 1950-1980s. id: 1807
454 . Lanning Gallery - Fine Art in All Forms 2004-12-01
Art Gallery in Sedona Arizona: The Lanning Gallery features Classic and Contemporary Art in all forms from Alexandra Nechita and other renowned artists. id: 2005
455 . large wall decor 2016-10-17
ART BY WICKS supply a range of catalogue of decorative paintings in simple piece and even in groups of modern, up to date, and innovative styles. id: 3844
456 . Lateral Arts
A web site that aims to showcase the work of young contemporary artists in Britain. We give each artist a page of their own to show images and describe their works. All work is for sale and very affordable. id: 697
457 . Latijn Amerikaanse Kunst 2007-06-08
Tropische schilderijen! id: 2832
458 . Le stanze della pittura 2001-06-05
Sito ufficiale di GIUSEPPE CELI, pittore figurativo contemporaneo. id: 698
459 . LEDA ART GALLERY 2007-11-27
Art gallery selling fine art with carefully selected works museum quality framed id: 2978
460 . Leningrad School Fine Arts 2004-05-05
1930-1990 Russian and Soviet realist paintings by the Leningrad School artists. id: 1806
461 . leone holzhaus 2007-11-29
Leone Holzhaus is an artist of Dutch descent, living and working in Portugal. She has painted professionally for over 25 years. The inspiration for her art is drawn from the daily Portuguese live, chairs, cafeinterieurs, abandoned karts, etc. The contrast between subdued dingy lit interiors and the harsh southern sunlight are an ongoing inspiration. Her medium is oils. Her works can be found in private collections all over the world. She frequently holds exhibitions, mainly in Portugal and Spain. id: 2982
462 . Lily Nava Gallery - Fusionart 2007-05-25
Lily Nava is a Fusionartist, painting with spirit and from the heart...a must see for those with a desire to view the dreams poured onto the canvas...contact the artist at lily@lilynavagallery.com id: 2816
463 . Linda Paul Studio 2003-08-08
Bas-relief & egg tempera original art paintings! Limited edition canvas prints for Tuscany decorating and French country decor. Canvas art prints for kitchen decor! Architecture prints and landscapes and France & Italy. Wine still lifes, chili pepper art & ballet art. id: 703
464 . Line Art - Autocad drawings, illustrations & all types of lineart 2007-06-20
Line-art.org is an online gallery for all types of line art, browse through our images, submit your own or exchange links. id: 2845
465 . Link naar website kunstenaar Paul van der Donk 2008-09-14
Website met o.a. schilderijen en foto's van de kunstenaar Paul van der Donk id: 3139
466 . lionel deni's art 2005-05-21
hi fellows enjoy some of my good abstracts and email me whenever you want to talk about id: 2150
467 . lionel denise artworks 2008-02-06
it's my website on Artmajeur id: 3018
468 . livinginabox - pinhole photography 2002-10-23
pinhole photography: In the edge of reality id: 704
469 . Lofoten Art on the Internet 2000-12-22
Paintings with Motive from the exotic Lofoten Islands in artic Norway. id: 705
470 . Loretta Fasan artist 2010-04-04
Romantic realism id: 3376
471 . Lotus African Masks 2009-12-20
Sells African tribal masks & statues including West African masks, Tibetan masks & Indonesian masks. id: 3341
472 . Lucieonthemoon - French painter 2007-04-11
Gallery of the French artist Lucieonthemoon id: 2792
473 . lusees.exto.nl 2006-12-24
enegetic and spiritual art in oil paint id: 2680
474 . Mac-In-Art 2001-05-01
Mac-In-Art is a web-design & virtual Art Gallery -> graphic art, computer art & sculptures by Lena Akopian, Ashot Tonoian, Karush Akopian & Iveta Brastina. id: 709
475 . Maisano Studio 1998-02-11
"I paint in an attempt to create a beautiful object; an object that resonates with some quality of soul or magic. The scribe is aware that the subject of his record is sacred and therefore he labors willfully to infuse his work with beauty. I share this same willfulness in creating a painting." The enchanting imagery found in Patrick Maisano's paintings tells a universal story in the timeless language of myth. This is art that elicits a response from our most basic level-pure, instinctual, spiritually primal. Mythical beings, mystical beasts, and religious iconography combine to create magical compositions that are joyful, haunting, metaphysical, and very beautiful. His work is transcendental and immediate, masculine and feminine, testimonial and celebratory. id: 710
476 . Manor House Gallery, Oxfordshire, UK 1999-07-21
A small UK gallery showing work by contemporary British Artists mostly members of the Royal Insttute of Painters in Watercolour and the Royal Watercolour Society. Details of gallery artists,the exhibition programme and paintings in stock. id: 711
477 . Marble sculpture of Nicolai Shmatko. 2007-08-24
Ukrainian figurative sculptor working in Ural and Italian marble.(English and Russian) id: 2898
478 . Marcelina Martin 2000-08-22
Photomythology series by photographer Marcelina Martin id: 714
479 . marco 2004-02-15
Durch Farben und Formen das Innere bewegen, ansprechen, herauslocken, durch unterschiedliche Stile die Innere und ?ussere Kommunikation in Gang bringen. Malerei und Zeichnungen von marco id: 716
480 . MARCO PESSA painter 2005-01-20
Marco Pessa painting directly by his own hands, graphics,foulards, waterlilies and optical researches. id: 2052
481 . Mardy Lemmons, Fine Art Nudes 2003-10-10
Paintings of nudes done in an expressive manner. id: 717
482 . Marinus Pee's pop-art gallery 2005-09-14
Marinus Pee, dutch psychedelic pop-art painter. id: 2260
483 . Marinus, gallery and workshop 2003-11-30
Painter and epicurean, Marinus Theodorus van Nistelrooy, born on June 24, 1951 in Geffen, Noord Brabant, the Netherlands. Domiciled and actief in Meerhout (Belgium), he has a workshop and a gallery. He works as artist ind?pendent with his desins and drawings which are characterized by their surprising reasons and their different styles. He draws his inspirations, amongst other things, of his pelgrimages pedestrian which were led with his dog "August" to Santiago de Compostela and Rome. id: 721
484 . Markarts Gallery
Computer artist Mark Wilczenski has designed work for Royal Caribbean, Avanti, and The Lighthouse, examples of which are on display here. He specializes in digital design and 3-D imaging, and hopes this promotional page will entice other businesses to contract his services. id: 722
485 . Marksz Co. Designer Art Jewelry 2009-04-19
Unique bold designs, free form organic techniques, one of a kind pieces made in West Palm Beach, FL. id: 3232
486 . Martin Lawrence Galleries
Martin Lawrence Galleries award-winning Web site is a valuable resource of essential information pertaining to contemporary art - presented in an entertaining format. Navigating through the Fine Art Exhibition rooms, Poster Gallery, Auction Room, Fine Art Bookstore and Museum Shop, visitors will come across the very best the art world has to offer. id: 723
487 . mass-e paintings 2005-08-25
mass-e paintings id: 2249
488 . Massivesilver by Margret Karner, Jewelry Artist 2005-05-01
Founded by jewelry designer Margret Karner, Massivesilver offers discriminating buyers from around the world hand-finished rings, pendants and buckles that are strong and sensuous, organic and graphic. ''I've been focusing on a line featuring buckles, rings, pendants and multifunctional pieces for men and women'' she explains. ''They are cast in silver and are also available in precious metals as custom orders. Each and every piece is hand-finished, some, accentuated with diamonds''. id: 2135
489 . Massurealist Artist 2008-04-05
Michael Morris' large oil paintings that are works in the elements 'water', 'earth', 'air' and 'fire'. id: 3049
490 . Mauro Maris 2012-02-05
Official web page of the artist "Mauro Maris" id: 3626
491 . Maya Kulenovic: Nucleus 2004-07-27
Intense and contemplative, dark realist paintings about death, war and the fragility of culture . Contemporary Canadian painter, born in Sarajevo, 1975. Recent works, biography, and upcoming exhibitions. id: 1889
492 . Mayan Contemporary Art from Guatemala 2006-04-11
Online art gallery of Contemporary Fine Arts featuring the artist's most recent work. Shows oil paintings of the indigenous people of Guatemala (Central America) including traditions, customs and social life. There are also beautiful landscapes, still life and portrait paintings both in oil pastel and paintings. Style is realistic with an impressionistic touch variously enriched with colors quite distinctive of peoples' ethnicity. id: 2427
493 . Mazoo Modern, Abstract online art gallery 2006-11-24
Mazoo - Modern, Contemporary online fine art gallery. Acrylic Abstract Landscapes On Canvas. Paintings for home and office by Kathryn Crocker. id: 2646
494 . Memory lane. 2009-02-16
Tekeningen en gouaches gebaseerd op de culturele diversiteit wereldwijd. id: 3208
495 . Michael Betancourt's Studio
. . . painting, photographs and other things . . . id: 729
496 . MICHAEL O' CONNOR GALLERY -Irish Landscapes and Portraits 1998-01-29
Introducing the work of Michael O' Connor. Purchase or commission landscapes or portraits in oils, acrylics or watercolours id: 730
497 . Milena Belić-B?rkler's Art Gallery - "Welcome" 2006-08-15
Photographs, Paintings, Prints and Wallpapers id: 2543
498 . Milford Galleries, Dunedin, Queenstown and Auckland, New Zealand 2004-06-04
Painting, glass, sculpture and ceramics by nationally significant New Zealand artists. id: 1849
499 . Mini Gallery 2003-07-09
Affordable original art for sale online for your home or office. The artists featured work in a variety of styles and media and to create still life, landscape, portrait, animal, seascape, abstract art and more. id: 733
500 . Misha Gordin conceptual photography 1999-06-29
Gallery of surreal, thought provoking images reflecting lifetime involvement in conceptual photography, poetry and human figure id: 735
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