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At this moment there are 84 links in this section. Total number of CAGE Cool Art Links: 1991 .
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51 . Jaap van den Elzen - Lichtontwerp 2008-06-06
Portfolio van Jaap van den Elzen, lichtontwerper en lichtkunstenaar id: 3087
52 . Jacob Bos - JBglasdesign 2007-05-12
Glas is voor mij een ontdekkingstocht. De mogelijkheden zijn haast onbegrensd. De hardheid en kwetsbaarheid zijn twee strijdige eigenschappen verbonden aan dit materiaal. Het spel van licht op glas en de versmelting met zijn omgeving zorgen voor een constant veranderend beeld. id: 2808
53 . Jewelry Online Shop 2005-03-10
Oasis Jewelry, Offering a variety of Gold and sterling silver jewelry, specializing in unique gifts, handmade jewelry Sets and Jewish jewelry. id: 2083
54 . Judson 2001-06-13
interactive multimedia cyborh id: 174
55 . kimdersite 2006-09-25
Designer, Artist, Puppet maker/Character designer id: 2575
56 . Leon Mege "The Art of Platinum"TM 1998-11-22
Cybermuseum of fine platinum jewelry. New York premiere jewelry workshop specializing in handmade jewelry presents stunning pictures of unique platinum and 18K gold jewelry with diamonds and colored stones. Museum style presentation, thumbnails for easy browsing, pop-quiz, consumer information, links. id: 176
57 . Lettco - Artist painter / Artiste peintre - Paris 2002-12-10
Lettco, woman artist painter, explore through 16 galleries, various artistic themes, kinds and trends (na?ve, still life, surrealism, landscape, portrait, celebrity, animal, teddy bear...). id: 177
58 . Loewestamm Wooden Jewellery 2006-04-15
Wooden Jewellery by fashion designer brand LoeweStamm id: 2435
59 . Logo Design 2004-01-22
LogoWorks offers custom logo design and stationery design for small businesses. Sample logos, order online or by phone. id: 179
60 . Logo Design - CapitalLogoDesign.com 2003-10-14
Affordable company logo design. Providing business logo design that establishes clear and effective image. Use a Corporate Logo Design to create a memorable presence. id: 180
61 . Logo Design by Fulllogo 2004-12-06
Professional logo design services at affordable prices. High quality and unique logo design for your business. id: 2009
62 . Manga Art 2004-03-30
Manga style illustrations using Photoshop and Painter and some watercolor. There are some scenes too made in 3D Studio Max id: 182
63 . MJ Crafts-Design Studio 2003-11-20
Home of the "Eggypiece Art Collection" line and many other handmade ceramics, clay, porcelain and wire unique creations. Multimedia artist with many talents! A Must See site! id: 184
64 . MLCreations Handcrafted Jewelry 2002-08-08
Unique, handmade jewelry creations by Mary L. Johnston. One-of-a-kind pieces made of sterling silver, 14k gold-filled, or copper wire, and semi- precious gemstones and glass beads. id: 185
65 . Moonlight Mysteries: Mystical Gifts and Accessories 2003-04-08
Beautiful pagan, wiccan, and celtic jewelry and supplies. id: 186
66 . PARAFERNALIA 2002-05-29
PARAFERNALIA of PARAPHERNALIA Italian Design company, reference point of MADE-IN-ITALY. Distributed by SCRIVO sas id: 190
67 . photoshop tutorial , illustrator tutorial and logo design 2003-10-27
Wide range of tutorials from flash to maya. id: 191
68 . pop art, canvas art, andy warhol, portrait 2012-03-14
Personal Art offers a matchless way to preserve memories, add colour and create indelible impressions.Our range offers exciting options for matchless gifting. So whether it be a birthday, anniversary or wedding, a career milestone or educational achievement, or Christmas, we have gifts that can be made to suit each occasion. Suitable across genders and age groups, the Personal Art range of work is the best choice each time, for all occasions. id: 3647
69 . Psymbolic Visual Communications 2003-06-14
We specialize in the production of music/gallery events, multi-media fluorescent decor, fully interactive visual environments, graphic design, contemporary & psy-arts.. id: 192
70 . Reprographics 2005-04-18
The latest printing and graphics technologies,Exhibition Accessories, print and design company, Digital Photo Printing Services,Graphic Design UK,Banner Stand UK,A0 Prints,Digital Imaging UK,Logo Design London. id: 2123
71 . Saori C. Jewelry Designs 2002-01-29
Delicate, feminine designs handcrafted from silver, gold, pearls, and semi-precious stones. Features original necklaces and earrings. Bridal jewelry collection available. id: 193
72 . sculptures of the future 2010-01-08
A collection of sculptures who will write history in the nearby future id: 3350
73 . Shy Siren - Jewlery & Accessories 2003-07-02
Unique handcrafted jewelry and accessories of pearls, semi precious stones, Swarovski crystal and glass beads. id: 196
74 . Sivani Designs 2007-04-15
Beaded handcrafted jewelry that emphasizes the woman's beauty - multigemstone, pearl, swarovski, and sterling silver jewelry. id: 2794
75 . Spotted Triforce Arts Portfolio 2004-04-15
This is a personal online portfolio of an character animation Student id: 199
76 . Tahmi - The Signature Collection 2002-07-25
Featuring handmade jewelry in a number of unique styles, from feminine beaded necklaces to bolder artistic wire designs made from woven and braided sterling silver and gold filled wire. id: 200
77 . theispot 1997-06-12
We are the leading Internet site for professional illustrators to showcase their work, and are visited by thousands of illustrators, art directors and designers. id: 207
78 . Theo Apples ? the perfect luxury gift 2010-01-25
Hand-made wooden sculpted apples - luxury gift with exquisite design and high quality developed and produced by the artist Teodor Dukov. id: 3355
79 . Value-Created Review 2003-04-05
Supports modern wood product design and sustainable manufacturing in British Columbia. id: 209
80 . Victor Claudio Illustrations 2007-12-15
Illustrations, design and logos using Photoshop, Corel Painter and Adobe Illustrator id: 2993
81 . Vovoid software & multimedia 1998-11-18
Presenting the design and artwork from the members of the computer group Vovoid. The site shows html and javascript to it's extremes and underneath that surface, there is a lot to find. id: 210
82 . Warmenhoven & venderbos 2002-03-24
Designerslabel for womensfashion. Well known for their clear and feminine designs. Their strength lies in the conceptual approach. id: 211
83 . Wearable Art - Recycling Art 2008-08-23
jewelry designs - recycled leather id: 3129
84 . Zengrenade 2003-06-10
Cartoons by designer/artist Andy Griffiths id: 217
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