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At this moment there are 71 links in this section. Total number of CAGE Cool Art Links: 1991 .
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51 . New York FEW - Contemporary Figurative Art 2002-07-11
The NYFEW is a loosely knit figurative arts group based in New York city that has been creating artwork in the unique environments of some of New York's figure drawing workshops and ateliers. id: 81
52 . No Vision
NoVision (also known as Noviisikilta Ry. ) is a community of young artists and scientists, formed 1987. We have been making alternative artwork and multimedia productions, including Artshows, short films (8mm, 16mm, 35mm, TV, video) etc. id: 82
53 . Paper Dragon Studios: Art and Poetry 2004-09-16
An international Art collective featuring The Art of Dennis P. McCann, the Art of Fatma Gulnar, The Poetry of Karen Glancy and the Poetry of Luk Brause. id: 1950
54 . Pintura Fresca, a platform for contemporary abstract painting 2006-01-23
An international group of abstract painters. id: 2327
55 . Port Moody Art Association, Canada 2002-10-15
Presenting the work of 70 canadian artists id: 88
56 . Progetto Ecate 2008-01-16
Progetto Ecate is a small not-for-profit guild that provides educational resources in the graphic arts for artists, community organizations, education institutions and the public. Founded in 2005, the project is dedicated to the diffusion and development of printmaking. We organize workshops and holidays courses. id: 3004
57 . Project30 2004-08-23
We are a non-profit online gallery, run by artists, designed to expose emerging artists to the public, collectors, and "brick and mortar" galleries who might be interested in presenting their work. We take no commission on any sales -- 100% of sales proceeds go directly to the artists. id: 1919
58 . Public Art 2006-11-03
Visual Buffet Public Arts is a US based public arts group id: 2621
59 . Queer Arts Resource 1998-09-09
Through interpretive exhibitions, links and discussion groups, QAR is reclaiming our community's artistic heritage and building a foundation to promote queer culture. id: 89
60 . ShopArt International Artists Group, Germany 1999-08-21
ShpArt is an independent artists group, having their own gallery on internet, showing more than 1500 paintings, sculptures and collages of all kind and styles. Art for sale - Guests welcome. id: 94
61 . Society of American Silversmiths 2001-08-18
A large and extremely useful site for anything related to the field of silversmithing: Artisan Gallery, Silver Care, Workshops, Library, silver care, restoration & conservation, Schools, Glossary and anything to do with the silversmith's art and craft. We have a Forum for any silver-related questions you may have, and a referral service for commissioning silver. id: 95
62 . Stichting Beeldende Kunstenaars Nederland 2010-08-12
New Foundation for Art and Design id: 3425
63 . Stichting De Lutteltuin
De Lutteltuin heeft zich ontwikkeld tot een proeftuin voor interactieve kunst. De grenzen tussen de scheppende kunstenaar en het toeschouwend publiek worden voortdurend verlegd en de scheiding tussen verbeelding en werkelijkheid wordt steeds weer doorbroken. Kenmerkend is het ceremoniele karakter en het gebruik van bamboe en postelastiek voor de bouw van enorme bamboe installaties. id: 96
64 . SYNERGY: HyGrid
Collaborative interlinked trapezoids that you can navigate and ADD to. id: 97
65 . The Digswell Arts Trust 1997-07-11
The DAT is an innovative approach to the encouragement of young artists and craftspeople by providing studios and workshops, support and promotional material. id: 100
66 . The Vision Grove 2004-01-22
A web-based community for amateur and professional artists of all kinds. Sell your work AND interact with buyers and fellow artists! id: 104
67 . Videomuseum
Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris id: 107
68 . Virtual TART 1999-06-26
The work of artists from Taranaki, New Zealand. With a completely new exhibition each month. id: 108
69 . Woodpile Collective 2003-10-28
Unplanned paintings of chance and reaction. id: 110
70 . YLEM's Art On The Edge
Artists, scientists, authors, and art enthusiasts who explore the intersection of the Arts & Sciences. id: 111
71 . Yourbridge 1999-06-13
Send in your own artwork (for free!) and become part of the biggest virtual artwork on the internet. id: 1804
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